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From idea to design:

All products at ETA are engineered and manufactured to exact tolerances. We demand excellence in our developmental processes and utilize the latest technologies to develop functional products that fill a market need. Our ideas and your requests become tools ready for your enjoyment and punishing abuse when necessary.

From a basic concept our engineers create 3D replications. Their design then becomes reality as raw material is cut on a 4 axis CNC machine. Our finished product is second to none, every piece a perfect copy of the original design.

ETA demands perfection from everyone involved in this process from the designers, raw material suppliers, machinists and coating specialists to the shipping clerk.

We recognize that when you use ETA products your life may be on the line, our dedication to exactness reflects the serious of this commitment.


The beauty is in the balance:

Our designers take care to ensure the utmost in balance and control. It is our precision design and manufacturing processes that allow the ultimate in strength without the sacrifice of increased weight.


Feather weightWhen people first take hold of one of our products we always hear the same comment, "Wow that's nice... it's really light!" We utilize not only our own engineering abilities, but refine our designs and products from feedback from the military and LE communities.


Holding and examining things on the internet isn't always a possibility. We have taken extremely high res pictures for people to thoroughly inspect our products. But you can always call and ask any questions. Our owner jokes that whenever you need someone to make a long story endless... give him a call.



Strength & Durability:

Through superior engineering, materials and manufacturing processes we have achieved not only balance, but light weight also. The benefits to you do not end there. The third factor that needs to be addressed is strength & durability.

Our strength and durability are unmatched anywhere! Before you consider a tactical accessory that you are going to bet your life on, ask yourself, "Can I drive a truck over this?" Because the foot pounds of energy that your accessory may encounter from recoil could be just as punishing. You are spending good money, and want your equipment to last... we make sure it will.




Quality from start to finish:

We wanted our products to not only be good, but to look good. We will never cut corners. Our products will never look good and not be good. There is already too much of that in the world. To look good your equipment needs the proper mil-spec finish, it needs to last and not discolor.

The coating we demand is a true black MIL-SPEC type III hardcoat finish, it is not "grayish black" and it will not discolor over time. It is as black as the inside of a coffin on a moonless night.

The process to achieve an exceptional type 3 MIL-SPEC hardcoat can be 5x's more expensive than what other coating companies are supplying. This is due to several key factors:

  • Material chosen to make the part
  • Manufacturing process of the part
  • Surface preparation
  • Quality of the process & experience involved in anodizing
  • Quality of the dye that the coating company uses
  • Shipment protection after hardcoating

We never overlook these facts, and strive to deliver the best finished product available.


Ain't that America, for you and me:

Stars and BarsThere is one important question left and that is, "Who makes it and where is it made?" Our products are designed by us, made from American materials, machined by us, in America. Period. We do not outsource any of our parts or components (there are no "contract over-runs..." we don't contract anything out to anyone.)

We were appalled to hear that our competitors are copying products, making them in China and Taiwan, importing the counterfeit products, then burning the boxes their products were shipped in and replacing them with "Made in America" and advertising, "We support American companies and American workers!!!" It’s unacceptable to me and it should be to you.

At ETA we call that BULLSHIT! You're either a God Damn American or you're not.

A Blackwater contractor explained, "It takes 10 years to develop the skills of a contractor, 10 minutes to dress like one and 10 seconds to sound like one." Simply saying you're "Made in America" doesn't make it so. Your equipment must earn the honor to wear “Made in America”. Anything less is hypocritical liberal double talk from someone that preaches the Second Amendment as gospel, then worships at the temple of the almighty dollar... selling Americans out at the first opportunity.

Ask for the products that are engineered and designed to be the best from start to finish and everything in between... demand a REAL Elite Tactical Advantage!


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