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The Mossberg shotguns are very well-made firearms. The 500 series has been in service with the military for years and has recently outfitted the NY Police Department, replacing the Ithaca model 37 after nearly 80 years. The 930 SPX was awarded the NRA/Shooting Illustrated "2009 Shotgun of the Year" award.

The only short-coming that plagues these fine guns is the size and material composition of the safety - a complaint that is often voiced by owners of this gun. The material used in the stock safety is Plastic, which is known to be subject to wear and even breakage. The size is also an issue because of the positioning of the safety on top of the receiver. This may be an awkward reach for some shooters, who would need to release their grip on the stock, or worse yet accidentally fire the gun while trying to manipulate the safety. If the shotgun is configured with a handgun style stock, the problem is even more pronounced. In a crisis situation, that split second fumbling for the safety, could be the difference between a successful resolution or tragedy.

Our safeties are manufactured out of 7075 billet aircraft aluminum not plastic, more than doubling its strength, as well as its durability. Our safeties are the product of many hours of design and deliberation. They are oversized to improve their accessability by any size hand. In addition, they are able to be used in dual positions, depending on the shooter's preference. The difference between one orientation and the other is the shape.

500/930 series safety
Figure A

Figure A shows the safety oriented with the "wings up". The oversized / extra large portion of the safety is configured to the bottom. There are six steps cut into the safety spaced roughly 1/8" apart to counteract slippage. Orientation with the "wings up" specifically benefits:

  • Users who regularly use gloves (cold weather / tactical)
  • Users who may encounter moisture, mud, snow or ice on their hands or safeties (NAVY/Coast Guard/Jungle/Cold Weather environments)
  • Users with the traditional shotgun stock (not handgun style)
  • Users with larger hands

Figure B shows the safety oriented in the "wings down" position. The bottom is shaped like the wings of a butterfly. There are five steps cut into the safety spaced roughly 1/16" apart. This "wings down" design allows the manipulation of the safety from the side of the receiver with the thumb alone (Figure C). Orientation of the wings down specifically benefits:

  • Users with medium to smaller hands (consider ALL users, is your wife going to use the shotgun for defensive purposes)
  • Users with the handgun style stock
  • Users who need that fraction of a second edge, are able to switch off the safety from the side of the receiver, allowing their trigger finger to remain ready to fire
500 930 series safety
Figure B
  Figure C

Safety kit includes

  • Oversized Aluminum Safety for Mossberg 930 and 935
  • Installation screw
  • Drop in fit, no gunsmithing required.

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